NB Networks - Why choose us?

Long-term experience

  • We have nearly twenty years of experience in the leadership 
  • Most organisations in this market are small and unable to serve international organisations or larger companies.
  • Our customers benefit from both our years of experience and our global reach.


High Quality Solutions

  • NB Networks can provide keynote speakers who stimulate more change than you ever thought possible from a speech.
  • We provide high-quality, content-driven and practice-oriented training courses and coaching that leads immediately to better results.
  • We provide outstanding project management and consultancy.
  • We are your partners for sustainable, high quality solutions for your success in business.


Award-winning Customer Satisfaction

  • We ask our customers to measure and evaluate both our service and our services.
  • On a scale of 1 (very bad experience) to 9 (outstanding experience) customer reviews currently show a quality score between 8.995 and 8.999.
  • This excellence in customer service is confirmed by our numerous awards (see videos page for details)
  • A decision to work with us is a decision to opt for the highest sustainable quality.
  • Your organisation will benefit immediately, with changes to implement today and tomorrow to create sustainable success.



  1. All our expertise and content is scientifically proven as well as 100% practice-oriented.
  2. You benefit from Niels Brabandt's knowledge as an entrepreneur as well as his scientific skills
  3. All our training, coaching and speaking content is based on proven fact.


From Regional to International

  • With an international network of staff and partners, we have people in your region, all dedicated to providing great customer service.
  • We do not outsource to low-income countries.
  • The services we provide are available on a range of levels to meet your needs, from a small regional branch office to a global corporate network.


Value-oriented Work and Ethics

  • Our founder, Niels Brabandt, not only publishes frequently on this topic but lives the sustainable values of the NB Networks Group every day.
  • Our staff and our customers are the center of our work and our world. We don’t follow the widespread industry practice of outsourcing much of the work to low income countries, or follow the all-too-frequent attitude of just delivering the minimum standard required.
  • We aim to exceed customer expectations – and our own expectations. This principle is what made the global success of the NB Networks Group possible.